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LZQ is possessed of advanced and comprehensive production systems and all kinds of precision technology and what a high-efficiency and low-cost application we deliver you.

  Profile tool (CNC profile holder and insert)



P5 P6 P7 P8 P9 P10 P11 P12 13 P14 P15 P16 P17 P18 P19 P20 P21 P22 P23 P24 P25 P26 P27 P28 P29 P30 P31 P32 P33 P34 P35 P36 P37 P38 P39 P40 P41 P42
  CNC cutting blade、saw blade、mould、fixture、screw
P43 P44 P45 P46 P47
  Profile saw blade、cutter、side and face milling cutter
P48 P49
  Super hard and super precise/carbide、ceramic、fixture、jig(roung pipe)
P50 P51 P52
  Non-standard、high precision(carbibe)hard alloy broach tool、high cobalt power steel broach tool
  Super high precision reamers series~High-grade high-cobalt powder steel tooling(center drill bit/chamfering drill bit/forming drill bit)
P54 P55 P56 P57 P58 P59 P60 P61
  Super hard finish boring cutter、finish turning tool、and(PCBN/PCD milling cutter、reamers series)



P62 P63 P64 P65 P66 P67 P68 P69 P70
  Ball nose milling cutter、turning pin series
P71 P72 P73
  Punch、precision shaft
P74 P75 P76 P77 P78 P79 P80 P81
  CNC compound profile throw away Facer(HSC)~Indexable(profile) cutting tool(grinding & non-grinding)
P82 P83 P84 P85
  Brazing & solid drilling reaming and milling(compound)profile tooling series
P86 P87 P88 P89 P90
Normative References
(Comparison of material characteristies、tolerance range、hardness conversion、tolerance illustration、definition of roughness、And type of materials)
P91 P92 P93 P94 P95 P96 P97 P98 P99 P100 P101 P102
LZQ is possessed of cutting-edge & comprehensiveproduction system, as well as rich producing & machining capability with different precision technology.
Considering continuous development of technology, above information is for reference only