Finish grinding drilling-reaming-milling (compound) profile tool series
(Super high wear resistance/ high impact resistance/high precision)
Type of material£ļK10/HRF10/MR11/MR12/PR40/PRA5/NRA61/PRA11/VRA201/ASP60C/SKH57A/SKH55A/VWA201/SKH4C(Stainless high speed steel)/VWA441/VWA431
 Fine-Toothed dovetail end mill
 Multi-flute dovetail end mill
 Dovetail end mill
 End mill for chamfering internal bevel
   45°„dovetail slot end mill (brazing edge)        60°„dovetail slot mill
 6-flute end mill
 Chamfering end mill cutter
        60°„dovetail slot shell mill  Helical-edge shell mill
Brazing-edge face mill      Dovetail profile lathe tool
°ÔWe can produce special, compound, special-shaped,super-large/ super-small/ super-long combined profiling series tool
  according to requirements of drawings, samples, and dimension tolerance