Die and fixture series for high precision stainless high-speed steel &   tungsten steel profile tooling (Stainless /wear resistance/high temperature-resistance/high precision)

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SKH4C: (a kind of high speed steel, which does not rust at all.)£®Hardening treatment: HRC60°„°ņ2°„£©
This is super high hardness super mirror finish stainless high speed steel. It is characterized by excellent anti-rust, anti-corrosion, anti-worn (high hardness) and ideal impact resistance properties. It applies to a wide range. Its useful life is 3-6 times than normal stainless products. Moreover, AIS1440C and SUS440C are even better quality of incisiveness and much more excellent anti-worn properties. Under salt water circumstances, it's anti-rust capability could improve more than 10-20 times. Its quality is quite good and stable. we can produce extreme complex and accurate Holder profile.

VWA201: (tungsten steel, for HRC71°„°ņ1°„machining, and VWA441/VWA431 with higher impact resistance, anti-tipping and anti-flex performance)The imported ultra micro-grain quality carbide contains excellent impact resistance, and super wear resistance, which result 6-10 times of service life and durability comparing with other steel grades, such as AISI420, AISI440C, SKH4C, SKH51, HSSE and SKH59. It is generally applied to cutting tool and mold, fixture, jig and fitting with short length, but complex blade shape, as well as require high precision, multi-payer and complex molding (medical grade).