Use of super hard grinding wheel
Density (concentration): the content of diamond in volume of grinding wheel, %
Fine-grain grinding tool adopts low density.
Wide working face and profile grinding applies high density.
Rough grinding applies higher density, semi-finish grinding and finish grinding apply medium density,
grinding and polishing apply low density.
High efficiency grinding applies higher density
Industrial diamond is sensitive to heat, and it begins to oxidate when be heated by about 700 in the air.
If it is high feed speed, it is suitable to adopt small feed cutting. If it is low feed sped, it is suitable to adopt large feed cutting.
.Electroplated grinding wheel

(1).Grain size and diamond allowance

Classification Grain size (schedule) Allowance
For rough
#25/30 0.800mm
#30/40 0.650mm
#40/50 0.500mm
#50/60 0.400mm
#60/80 0.300mm
#80/100 0.250mm
#100/120 0.200mm
#120/140 0.180mm
For medium
#140/170 0.150mm
#170/200 0.125mm
#200/230 0.100mm
For finish
#230/270 0.090mm
#270/325 0.080mm
#325/400/ 0.070mm
40-60(#400/500) 0.060mm
30-40(#500/600) 0.040mm
20-30(#600/800) 0.030mm
12-25(#800/1000) 0.025mm
10-20(#1000/1200) 0.020mm
5-12(#1500-2000) 0.010mm
(2). Precision of grinding wheel and installation precision
. Precision of grinding wheel JIS B0405 intermediate
With standard bar as datum, deviation value of circumference doesn't exceed 20m, and deviation value of side doesn't exceed 10m.
(Set datum plane in the table, and machine with the diamond)
.Installation precision of grinding wheel
Please set the deviation value of datum plane to be 1/5 of allowance (example)
Grain size Allowance(mm) Deviation value



#170/200 0.125 25
#600/800 0.030 6
The above table is subject to diamond grain. CBN has a lot of difference.
Grinding is same as regrinding of grinding wheel (to bare the diamond) in the original binder system, but electro-deposit is measure taken to improve broken work-piece and adjust roughness of machining surface. However, frequent application of this treatment will weaken grinding and shorten lifetime.