Relationship between grain size and surface roughness
◆.Attentions about grinding wheel
(1).Precautions before using
①. When using wet machining, please pay special attention that grinding fluid shall not discontinue during the grinding.
②. Please don't make any additional machining to change profile of grinding wheel.
③. grinding wheel don't match the grinding machine (outer diameter of grinding wheel, thickness, hole diameter), please don't use it.
④. If the material of grinding wheel is iron, please be sure to remove the antirust from its surface.
⑤. ceramics, please use mallet to gently strike the side of the grinding wheel and check the sound of striking before installation.
⑥ grind outer diameter or side etc. using the designed method, so please confirm whether it is suitable for the purpose before using.
(2).Attentions while installing
①. When installing the grinding wheel in the flange, don't use mallet to strike. Don't forcibly insert it.
②. When installing flange etc, the screw shall be tightened by even force in the order of diagonal position.
(3).Attentions in grinding
①. Or abnormal Vibration, please move back the grinding wheel and remove machined piece and stop machine.
②. the machine with load-free for 1 to 3 minutes, and check whether the running direction of grinding wheel is correct, and there is no shaking.
③. When the grinding wheel contacts the machined piece, don't rush to advance, and don't use it continuously once overloading.
④. When using dry grinding, don't burn the grinding wheel.
⑤.在 When using dry grinding, don't burn the grinding wheel.
◆.Resin grinding wheels
Strongpoint of grinding wheel: generally speaking, resin grinding wheel is applied for wet machining. If add the filling to restrain the heat produced during the grinding to improve the grinding property, it can be applied for machining.