High quality SD/SDC diamond CBN/CBNC grinding wheel
SDC: the metal-clad composed by thick nickel or copper layer. It can reach 60% of total weight of grain. These clad grains are often applied in resin-connected tools, like grinding wheel. The function of cladding is to improve the wear resistance of connecting part, and help emit the heat produced during grinding, so the property of tool is improved.
CBN is CNB abrasive material, mainly applied in grinding wheel and polishing tools, mechanically machining hard iron workpieces. These tools are extensively applied in automobile and astronautic industries, to produce high precision parts such as gear, bearing, cam shaft, crank shaft as well as engineering parts.
Diamond means the diamond abrasive materials applied in precision grinding wheel, polishing tools that mechanically machine non-ferrous materials. These tools are extensively applied in industry to mechanically machine materials including glass, carbonized tungsten and ceramics.
Concentration: in a diamond tool, diamond grain is only a part of it.
Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) is the known second hardest material, second only to hardness of diamond. CBN is composed by h-BN, similar as combing graphite into diamond.
Expected characteristics of grinding agent include high hardness, wear-resistance, power and high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, keep sharp cutting side during using. Comparing with ordinary grinding agent like carbonized Silicon and aluminum oxide, CBN exceeds its value in most of key demand. Its high heat-resistance and chemical corrosion-resistance make it applied in machining ferrous material. Generally, diamond wear-resistant materials are not applied in ferrous environment.
Hardness is the most physical property of grinding materials. The majority of grinding materials will lose their hardness at high temperature. Comparing with ordinary grinding materials, one of CBN's physical strength lies in its hardness keeping at higher temperature range beside that it has better hardness at extreme high temperature.