High precision profile wear-resistant parts and accessories, cutting tool, fixture
Super high wear-resistant/high impact-resistant application
Type of material:K10/HVF10/PV40/VVA201/VVA221/ASP60C/SKH57A/SKH55A/SKH4C(Stainless high speed steel)/SKH51A/SKD11/SKD2A/SUS316
 1.Machined work piece's minimum thickness is up to T= 0.20~0.06mm(and its maximum thickness is up to more than 800mm)
 2.Machined work pieces' minimum diameter is up to φD=φ0.006 ( and its maximum diameter is up to more thanφ 600mm.)
 3.Machined work pieces' maximum length is up to 6500mm (there is no limit for minimum length)
 4.Flatness, parallelism, precision tolerance can be 0.005mm ~0.002mm~0.001mm high.
 5.Machined work piece's thickness tolerance is up to T±0.002mm~±0.001mm~±0.0005mm.
 6.Surface roughness can be 0.2μm~0.1μm~0.05μm~0.01μm high .
 Super-thin fixture, wear-resistant parts, tungsten copperproducts  (non-magnetic)
Drawing die, parts and accessories
 Fixture, tool

Super-hard profile fixture, cutting tool, parts
★We can produce extreme complex, precision profile products according to and requirements of drawings, samples.