Indexable (profile ) cutting tool (grinding & non-grinding)
£¨Super high-wear-resistant/high-impact-resistanapplication£©

Throw away profile concave/protruding tooling
Finish turning (milling) blade.
Throw angle tooling
Geometric curve grinding profile tooling
Aluminum alloy/Acrylics/PVC/hardwood/fiber/medical slicing knife
(Rotary cutting. Profile cutting, Turning)
Tool hardware
High-wear-impact-resistant punching & shearing profile tool
Precision profile lathe tool (geometric profile grinding)
Archimedes helical rake angle, geometric curve grinding;Plane grinding front edge, can repeatedly use for more than 20~50 times
Round lathe tool
¡ïConfirm machined materials, HRC, equipment rigidity (value), quantity, we can grind profile angle and dimensional tolerance according to drawings, samples, and requirements¡­ only produce in batch, can completely replace international first-class products, having higher performance/price ratio.