Finish lathe tool and finish boring tool for NC automatic lathe

Lathe tool for cutting-off

Tooling installed on paratactic cutter frame of automatic lathe (for external cylinder machining, for inner hole machining)
Lathe tool for back should machining
Lathe tool for groove machining
Lathe tool for front shoulder machining
Lathe tool for thread machini
Lathe tool for inner hole machin

For unlisted profile,we can produce according to drawing,samples and requirements.
.Back shoulder machining
.Thread machining

Flute width: 0.3-2.5

Cutting-off dia. ܦ32
Cutting depth -6.0
verhanging: -7.5
Machined radius difference: 6.5

Machined to end

. Tips for grinding small boring tool's cutting edge

  Small boring tool can bore holes and cut grooves, and can grind according to the purposes shown in the following figure
  When grinding or regrinding cutting edge, please use #280~#400SDC diamond grinding wheel. Each angle of cutting edge, tool clearance
    shall be grinded by referring to the following figure and according to purposes

Wide of flute
Tooth angle