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        LZQ  Tool  Co., Ltd. is a high-tech joint venture, producing and processing high-precison imported products, like cutting tool, profile fixture, brazing jig, wear –resistant parts, high-precision parts, and ultra-hard grinding tools for the world’s top 500 companys and foreign-invested enterprises in china, and replacing mid-graded and high-graded products of like, Sandrik, Kennametal, Widia, Iscar, VRWESSON, CERATIZIT. Imported from Germany, America, Japan, Taiwan, our material is super-strong ultra micra-grain high-level stuff. We have introduced world first-class CNC Processing Center, Super High-Speed Compound Grinding-Turning Center. From high-class products (via 6-axis/ 7-axis Blocking CNC-machine Tool (Class-AAA))to medium-class products (via 3-axis/ 4-axis Blocking CNC-machine Tool (Class-D)), different quality and price, our reliable products can replace to first-class products, and we are professional in wholesale, R&D, producing & processing, (3DX Technology) profile carbide & super-precision grinding, as well as design revision according to client's designs and samples of special, non-standard, abnormal shape and new products with high cost-performance ratio, also our on-demand service will decrease your comprehensive cost greatly!

         With advanced complex renewed equipment, LZQ owns the capability of producig & processing various kinds of precise tools. We can produce super-precise/super-long/super-wear-resistant/impact-resistant/high-complex combined profiling products, with perfect cutting quality and tolerance fine to ±0.0005mm(±0.5um),and what a high-efficiency & low-cast application we deliver you! We keep around RMB 8~10 Million turnover stock articles such as raw material, semi-finished products, finished products in ordinary year, we are capable to produce according to drawing or sample provided by customer and make a quick delivery, so as to present you a favorable cost-performance ratio...

        LZQ often produces non-standard, special-shaped, high precision products which are difficult to machine in medium and big batch, but rarely in a small number for single dimension standard ones, because the cost of jig, fixture, mould and grinding wheel is quite high, and if without the mould, it is difficult to make an excellent item. However, it depends on the type and the dimension of the required products. Besides, in our company, the cost of standard products and that of the non-standard is similar, such as φ12.0 and φ12.218, but it is not for other companys, like Sandvik, Widia, CERATIZIT. This is why we are competitive in producing special, non-standard, special-shape goods. However, regarding to a big order, we also produce the standard products. But the cost-performance ratio and the competition are quite low, and also profit of the sale is lower for your company.

       Generally speaking, for a big market share, other companys, like Scandvik, Kennametal, Widia, Seco, mostly make standard, general-use, ordinary products, from which we are not so competitive . But we can replace or simulate the specialized, high-precise part, fixture, cutting tool, with special meterial, according to the requirements of drawings, samples. After once to twice test and improvement, we can make the same item as the the first-class original one, even better. And this requires great understanding and effort for us. It would be greatly helpful if real samples (several of the new and old with best application result) or drawings with detailed information about size and the specification of the products are provided. You can also visit our website http://www.lzqtool.com.cn/dzyb/cn.html from www.50323322.com for electron sample reference, from which detailed information for every product is available, including the material, size, drawings of semi-finished and profile products, producing equipment and their value(USD)(for the judge of their working performance). You can also provide the deficiency of the original products, like easy-to-passivate, or tipping, or something else, and the material and hardness HRC will also be appreciated too.
       At present time, LZQ are good at producing tools for high-hardness high wear-resistant high impact-resistant products, like High-temperature alloy, Heat-resisting alloy, Vanadium-titanium alloy of nickel iron, Stailess steel, Cobalt-based nickel alloy, Titanium alloy or other items, made of difficult-processing material, and have done a good job. There are about 300 kinds of material we often use, like the imported ones,  HRF10/K15A(for application from super-finish machining to semi-finish and for high-hardness processing), MR11(for application from finish machining to semi-rough machining, and the use of hard-processing material ), H10F/PR40(for widely-used and ordinary processing application), MK10(for high wear-resistant and chipping-resistant application), ASP60C(HSS-Co10), SKH57A(HSS-Co), SKH4C(a kind of high speed steel, which does not rust at all ).


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